Day 28: [Rec] (2007)

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It’s Day 28 and I’m reviewing our last film from the 2000s, which is [Rec]!! [Rec] is a Spanish film that was later remade into Quarantine, but they’re both found footage movies and… I don’t like either one of them. I have to be upfront: I just don’t like found footage movies. The gimmick quickly wears thin and I grow impatient as the filmmakers constantly come up with new excuses for a person to be recording what’s happening instead of just abandoning the camera and running away (like any normal person would do). I also get annoyed at the characters on-screen yelling at the cameraman. That seems to be a …

CharlesDay 28: [Rec] (2007)

Day 27: The Grudge (2004)

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Hello and welcome back for Day 27 of our 31 Days of Horror series! Today we’ll be talking about Takashi Shimizu’s The Grudge (2004). I am going to keep the discussion brief on this one, because as I have previously disclosed, I am a huge chicken when it comes to scary movies of the current millennium (particularly those with a paranormal storyline). So, basically, I am already expecting to be visited by nightmares this evening, and hope to minimize that as much as possible. I first saw this movie about 4 years ago, when my friend craftily talked me into watching it by taking advantage of my deep and abiding love for Sarah Michelle …

KelleyDay 27: The Grudge (2004)