Day 10: Home Alone (1990)

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Day 10 in our countdown to Christmas as we now look at the Chris Colobus classic Home Alone.  This movie has been so copied, parodied and referenced that it is hard for me to remember a time when it wasn’t around.  Overall, it is a great movie, fun and entertaining but it is not without its flaws.  And I know I am treading on sacred ground for many people by saying that their Home Alone has any flaws.
Let’s start with a quick synopsis for those of you who have been hiding from pop culture the past 26 years.  Kevin McCallister, a young rapscallion is left by his family who travel to Paris for the holiday.  Little does he know, two burglars are eyeing his home as the crown jewel heist.  But these burglars are in for a big painful surprise when they tango with Kevin.
This is a great Christmas movie.  A young boy who wants nothing more than for his family to disappear realizes that once their gone he needs them more than anything.  Also how tear-jerking is that scene when the old man next door reunites with his estranged son and grand daughter (chiiiiiiilllls).  On top of that the score is incredible – you’ve done it again John Williams – and has become as synonymous with Christmas as Vince Guaraldi’s Charlie Brown score.  Note: double yule-tide points for me for being able to legitimately reference C.B. Christmas in two posts – take that Gremlins!
And of course, the most fun part of all, the incredible impossible to create or survive booby trap house!  How much fun is it to watch Joe Pesci try his darndest not to swear and Daniel Stern scream like a Japanese school girl!  Its laughs at any age.  But I do segue here…
I remember watching this in the theatre.  My mom, my sister and I having a great time.  When we got in the car, my mom turned to us and said, “Now you know, we laughed at those guys getting hurt but all the stuff he did could really kill them.  That’s not funny in real life.”  I thought back then, “Oh mom, how lame.  They just got a paint can to the face and some other stuff, big deal.”  But now that I am an adult who is wiser and understands how the human body works, I now know that SHE WAS ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!  Kevin is hands down a sociopath, not joking.  If you want to see how much bodily damage he could have caused just watch the myriad of videos on YouTube.  This one is a personal favorite.
Now I’m going to be the lame parent writing this (go ahead and imagine me in high waisted paints, socks and sandals) but I must point out these blaring questions:

  • How is Kevin not more severely punished for talking to his parents that way in the beginning of the film?
  • What does Mr. or Mrs. McCallister do to afford that house, have like a dozen kids, and have all those mannequins lying around?
  • Why do they always have every light on in the house on?  How much is their electric bill?!?!

Watch it, question it, but in the end you gotta love it!  Join us tomorrow as Christopher takes a look at the re-imaging of the classic story How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000).

MicahDay 10: Home Alone (1990)

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