My Parents Have No Idea What’s on TV Anymore

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I was born in the 80s.  I grew up watching cartoons, rewinding countless VHS tapes, and going to movie theaters back when movies cost $4.  My parents, Robb and Mindy, were always the “young, hip parents” amongst my peers (they being only 20 years my junior). I was thrilled when they purchased dial-up internet so I could peruse the Nickelodeon website, even more excited when they came home with a Nintendo 64, and through the roof when I got my own TV in my room.  They have appeared to keep up with the latest trends and technological advances fairly well.  So it came as a bit of a shock to me when, upon going home for a weekend trip to my parents’ house recently, I found out they don’t know much about the current media.

“What do you mean you haven’t heard of ‘Epic Rap Battles of History?’ It’s only one of the most popular channels on YouTube, with over 10 million subscribers and millions of hits on every video they post! Hence the name ‘Epic.’“

“Sorry Aly, I just don’t keep up with that stuff like you and your brother,” my mother commented.

“Yea, well, he’s watching Annoying Orange and Assassin’s Creed walkthroughs, and I’m watching stuff a little more entertaining.”

I proceeded to show them ERB’s most popular videos (which my dad absolutely loved) and the conversation progressed into other content worth watching.  At that moment, I realized that my parents have no idea what’s on TV anymore.

The truth is, I watch a lot of television.  But not just the Boob Tube: if it’s entertaining and accessible, I find time for it.  Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus, YouTube, Vimeo, Cable and Network television (as well as their .com counterparts), Apple TV – the whole 9 yards.

The problem is, in 2014, there are a lot of choices to choose from. How can anyone possibly know where to direct their attention when they have a million other things to do?  And thus, this blog was born!  I can finally put my useless obsession with all things small screen to good use!  I will not only post reviews of series shows, shorts, and webisodes, but also give advice as to what you may want to watch based on overall plot, genre, etc.  Stay tuned to see my next post, titled “Week to Week.”

AlysonMy Parents Have No Idea What’s on TV Anymore

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  1. Nancy Gorny

    I’m sorry sweetheart your Grand Mother is less informed then your parents. I don’t have anyone around any more to tell me about what is coming on the “tube” But then I don’t watch much of anything. I do read a couple of books a week plus all the other volunteering that I do.

    I love your new blog, congradulations. Now I know I’ll learn something new.

    Much Love,

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