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Greetings. Remember that time Christopher and I talked about doing another episode of our podcast soon? Well, it doesn’t look like it will ever get here soon enough. Perhaps our goal was too lofty (collecting that many terrible movies was proving to be quite the challenge, after all) or perhaps our priorities have shifted around significantly. Either way, for the time being, I have decided to move in a different direction. Maybe some day he and I will return to that list, but for now, I’d like to focus on a new pet project of mine that just so happens to have the same name: The Good, The Bad and The Podcast!

Joining me this time around will be Micah and Kelley, two of my very good friends who just so happen to love movies as much as I do. Now, we don’t all love the same movies, of course, and sometimes, our discussions can get quite heated but we always have a good time none-the-less! The format for this show will also be slightly different than the previous one with the hopes that we can always be current and fresh. For instance, we are no longer using an IMDB list from years ago to choose our movies; instead, we will take turns choosing a specific topic for each show and then discussing a (drumroll, please) GOOD example of that topic, a BAD example of that topic, and an example of that topic that you know is horrifically UGLY yet you can’t look away.

Good. Bad. Ugly. No cliches here.

Now, these topics will range from something pretty general like genre (horror, comedy, etc.) to more specific things like director or actor. Our first episode, which will be coming soon (I promise!), will be about road trip / journey movies. This was Micah’s pick and so we will discuss the three movies he has picked and see if we all agree or not.

So, fret not for the future of this podcast ’cause I’m not going anywhere.

As always, have a good one!

CharlesNew & Improved Podcast Coming Soon

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