Day 12: Tarantula (1955)

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It’s Day 12 today, and we’re closing out the 1950s! I admit that after reviewing the less-than-stellar It Came From Outer Space on Monday, I watched 1955’s Tarantula with a slight trepidation. I had begun thinking that maybe Creature Features just weren’t up my alley, but thankfully, I enjoyed today’s film about 100 times more. There is still a certain B-movie feel to it (the premise is that a gigantic tarantula is terrorizing the town, after all), but for the most part it succeeds where many other monster movies of this era fail. It doesn’t go over the top with kooky, animatronic creatures and silly sound effects, and the movie is supported at its core …

KelleyDay 12: Tarantula (1955)