Day 4: Santa Claus (1959)

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Hello and welcome back for Day 4 of our 12 Days of Christmas review series! Days 1 through 3 have brought warm fuzzies to all of us here at so far, as we’ve happily strolled down memory lane to talk about some of the most well-loved Christmas classics of all time. Today, I’m sorry to inform you, a dramatic shift is taking place. To say that today’s movie is NOT a classic is perhaps the greatest understatement in the history of recorded speech–it’s a movie that is so awful, there’s no way to even begin to describe what’s so awful about it. Santa Claus (1959), directed by Rene Cardona, is quite possibly the worst movie …

KelleyDay 4: Santa Claus (1959)

Episode 5: Santa Claus Movies

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In this episode, we are changing things up a bit: Rather than have one person pick a genre, we collectively decided on a good, bad and ugly SANTA CLAUS film! We even managed to bring back Topher to discuss this one. Happy Holidays!! #Absol Here are the movies we discuss: Miracle on 34th Street (1947) Santa Claus (1959) Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (1964)

CharlesEpisode 5: Santa Claus Movies