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It’s been a busy week for those glorified commercials we watch over and over dissecting ever shot – I’m talking about MOVIE TRAILERS!  What a week!  I am a binge watcher of movie trailers, spending more time making my wish list of movies to see than actually watching them.  In this rare review, I’d like to talk about the hottest trailers that have been blowing up our tiny screens.
My main question when (re) watching these trailers is AM I EXCITED TO SEE THIS MOVIE?

We're home fan boys
We’re home fan boys

I won’t go into too much detail because every fan boy from here to Tattooine has talked about this one but I do need to say this one thing: IT DID ITS JOB!  A trailer should make you excited for the upcoming movie and this one made everyone want to put themselves in Carbonite Freeze until December.  It showed us that this movie will have what we all want from a new Star Wars film: new story with old characters.  I’ve watched it a dozen times now and still can’t get enough!

I wonder, do you brood?  You will...
I wonder, do you brood? You will…

Since it’s announcement I have been very skeptical about this film and the trailer did not quell my fears.  It showed me what I already know and fear: the tone will be very dark/serious/gloomy, there is a lot of Zack Snyder CGI lighting effects and Batman is going to fight Superman ala “Dark Knight Returns” style.  Three things that make me let out a deep-gutted groan about the direction of this whole franchise. (I am going on record here and now to say I think Frank Miller’s “Dark Knight Returns” is the most over-rated piece of junk on the book shelf – send your hate my way).  The best shots in this trailer are seeing Ben Affleck done the cape and cowl (I have very high hopes for Bat-Fleck) and all the Bat-Fodder (cave, vehicles, gadgets, etc.)  Overall, this trailer does not make me excited for the film, just more nervous they are going to mess up the story.

Clever-est girl
Clever-est girl

This one was pretty good.  It set the tone that this is fun like the original but has a very real sense of danger and it gave us a bit more insight to the story that the genetically modified dinosaur was “hunting for sport” and being an all-around “clever girl” (they don’t actually say that but come on, you really wanted them to).  I have two main issues though:

  1. Yes, we get it, Chris Pratt is funny and cute.  It didn’t lend to the trailer for the laugh line of “surely you can relate to one of those things” in the style of Peter Quill.
  2. IT SHOWED THE DINOSAUR!  They were making a big deal about how they have created a new dinosaur; genetically modified to be a superior creature unlike we have seen.  So…you got me hooked with that.  I’m gonna go into the theater saying “Boy I can’t wait to see that new dinosaur!”  But then they show the dang thing.  Suspense…over.  They had a good start by showing claw marks, shadows, a foot – STOP THERE!


You can buy this pin in the gift shop at the end of the movie
You can buy this pin in the gift shop at the end of the movie

I have been trying to decide if I want to go see this movie or not since I first heard about it.  This trailer pushed me more toward the “go see it side” which for the purpose of a trailer was successful in selling me the movie.  But it also made me more confused about the story.  It seems as if they are only showing us the first act of the film in these trailers…which is good.  So…yes…I am excited?

You shall not pass my dear Watson
You shall not pass my dear Watson

Another Sherlock Holmes story?  Ugh, ok what…wait.  He’s an old man?  He’s saying that Watson stretched the truth about their famous stories?  He regrets his last case?  Ian McKellen?  I’m excited and I am going to see this movie!

Smaller than the smallest bullet!
Smaller than the smallest bullet!

I have been on the fence about this movie since the beginning.  Marvel is on fire right now so it seems they can do no wrong but they are running low on the A list characters and have to build their bench if they want to stay in the game.  Ant Man though, while important to the Avenger’s comics has never seemed like a strong character.  The teaser did not show us anything new.  This one shows us a little more story and a villain.  It is very reminiscent to Sam Raimi “Spiderman” in the light-heartedness and CGI action.  While I will still see “Ant Man” this summer, this trailer did nothing to convince me to be excited.  The selling point to me was the red MARVEL logo at the beginning.

It's not a femur!
It’s not a femur!

This trailer did the opposite of its job.  After watching I made the decision to wait.  I’m so confused by the time line, the villain…it just all messes with what I know about Terminator.

Susususufragette movie!
Susususufragette movie!

Just watch it and see if you know anything else about the story other than the time period.  I feel like the creators of this trailer just said “Feminist Movement” then dropped the mic.

This beats any Tim Burton makeup effects.
This beats any Tim Burton makeup effects.

The first thing you see is an extended scene at a dinner table, two men talking about steak, one man is blindingly pale with soul-piercing eyes.  Then you realize, son-of-a…THAT’S JOHNNY DEPP.  Just as that thought hits your brain, the tension of the scene becomes heavier and images from the film start flashing reminicent of all your favorite crime movies – Heat, The Departed, Zodiac.  This trailer not only gets your attention, it sets the tone of suspense and drama and leaves you wanting to know more (note, it never says anything about this being the story of Whitey Bulger which just makes it even more intriguing).  And the best part of this trailer, it leaves us hoping with all movie nerdness – is he back?  Is the acting greatness we all know from the 90’s of Johnny Flippin’ Depp back on the screen?  Does it make me excited to see this movie?  YES!
What are your thoughts on the trailers?  Check ’em all out on the second best website on the net IMDB