Winter Watch List

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If you find yourself snowed or iced in, or just love staying indoors when it’s cold outside, fear not. There are television choices to keep you from getting cabin fever.

House of Cards – Netflix Original

Today, Netflix released Season 3 of House of Cards. If you haven’t watched the Kevin Spacey/Robin Wright show, there are now 3 seasons for you to partake in. Beware: you may have a southern accent and a knack for politics after watching all 39 episodes.

Behind the Mask – Hulu Original

Hulu recently released Season 2 of Behind the Mask, a docuseries that follows several high school, college, and professional mascots (and the people behind the mask). Both seasons are available to watch.

The Impression Guys – Soul Pancake’s YouTube Series

Season 1 of The Impression Guys is absolutely incredible. Nevermind that this is the first half hour series made for YouTube. The Impression Guys is about two voice actors who want to become series dramatic actors, so they create a 12 step program to shift into the dramatic acting field. Jim Meskimen, Ross Marquand, Angela Kinsey, and the rest of the cast are perfect. I hope Soul Pancake gets Season 2 out soon, because the 6 episodes of Season 1 are too good not to have a follow-up season.


Show to Binge Watch

Are you tired of waiting for new syndicated episodes to come on television? Want to catch your favorite shows or start a new show, without commercials? Here are some great shows to watch:

Parenthood (Netflix: 5 seasons; Season 6 available on Hulu)

Parks & Recreation (Netflix: 6 seasons; Hulu: 7)

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (Netflix: 9 seasons)

American Horror Story (Netflix and Hulu: 3 seasons)

Sons of Anarchy (Netflix and Hulu: 6 seasons)

Friends (Netflix, 10 seasons)

The Office (Netflix: 9 seasons)

M*A*S*H (Netflix: 5 seasons)

Frasier (Netflix: 11 seasons)

Dexter (Netflix: 8 seasons)

Saved by the Bell (Netflix: 6 seasons)

How I Met Your Mother (Netflix: 9 seasons)

Arrested Development (Netflix: 4 seasons)

That 70s Show (Netflix: 8 seasons)

Mad Men (Netflix: 6 seasons)

Breaking Bad (Netflix: 5 seasons)

Transparent (Amazon: 1 season)

Alpha House (Amazon: 2 seasons)


Shows Currently on Television

Find re-runs online or DVR episodes to catch up on these awesome shows currently on television. Here’s when new episodes air, or where you can find previous episodes:

Modern Family (on ABC, Wed @ 9/8c; 16 episodes on Hulu)

Better Call Saul (on AMC, Mon @ 10/9c)

The Walking Dead (on AMC, Sun @ 9/8c)

Top Gear (on BBC America, Mon @ 8:30/7:30c; Netflix: 4 season; Hulu: 8 seasons)

The Amazing Race (on CBS; 22 seasons available on Hulu)

The Big Bang Theory (on CBS, Thurs @ 8/7c)

Mike & Molly (on CBS, Mon @ 8:30/7:30c)

The Odd Couple (on CBS, Thurs @ 8:30/7:30c)

Survivor (on CBS, Wed @ 8/7c; 26 seasons on Hulu)

Key & Peele (on Comedy Central; 3 seasons on Hulu)

Workaholics (on Comedy Central, Wed @ 10/9c)

Backstrom (on FOX, Thurs @ 9/8c)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (on FOX, Sun @ 8:30/7:30c)

The Last Man On Earth (Premieres on FOX, Sun. March 1)

The Mindy Project (on FOX, Tue @ 9:30/8:30c)

The Night Shift (on NBC, Mon @ 10/9c)

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (on NBC, Weeknights 11:35/10:35c)


Let me know if this extensive list helped you avoid cabin fever or if there are any of your shows that didn’t make this list.

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