U.S. Election Night 2016

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Don’t really have much to say, but if you’re trying to get away from the craziness of this election (including a shooting at a polling station in California), consider watching one of these great political movies: Mr. Smith Goes to Washington (1939); The Great Dictator (1940); All the King’s Men (1949); The Manchurian Candidate (1962); Dr. Strangelove (1964); All the President’s Men (1976); Dave (1993); The American President (1995); Wag the Dog (1997); Lincoln (2012).

CharlesU.S. Election Night 2016

31 Days of Horror Part 4!!

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Hello again everyone!!  For the past three years now, I’ve watched a different horror film each night for the month for October, and while I’m easing it back a bit this time, I still wanted to continue this tradition!! Same rules as the previous years: Classics mixed with lesser known films that are all organized chronologically by their release date beginning with the 1920s. Some of them I’ve seen and some of them I haven’t. Also, no film from the previous lists will be on here (2013, 2014, and 2015 for those interested in catching up), and IMDB must classify the movie as “horror” for it to qualify (so, unfortunately …

Charles31 Days of Horror Part 4!!

100-Book Challenge (Part 2)

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Hello again readers! Mark here with the second installment of my 100-Book Challenge. One of the (many) motivations for this undertaking was to get to those novels I felt embarrassed not to have read yet, so books 11-20 bring us some literary heavy-hitters like Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Austen, Morrison and more. That said, I do not intend my reviews as scholarly commentary, just the opposite; I want to give general readers a quick impression of each work and how much it lends itself to an enjoyable and fulfilling read. Of course, you could teach a full college semester on many of these novels, but we’re not here for that! We’re here …

Mark100-Book Challenge (Part 2)