100-Book Challenge (Part 3)

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We’re trucking along now with the 100-Book challenge, and books 21-30 bring us a mixed bag. Before the reviews, I’d like to make a note about including audio-books in this challenge (which some have called cheating). Personally, I think we should stuff ourselves with learning and culture wherever we can, and making the time to listen to hours of well-thought-out prose is a worthy undertaking. As a rule, I only listen to non-fiction audio-books because (being a writer and English major) I feel a need to control my pace through novels, annotating and rereading where necessary. But if you find yourself able to thoroughly enjoy anything being read to you, …

Mark100-Book Challenge (Part 3)

Day 10: It Came From Outer Space (1953)

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Welcome back! We’re up to Day 10, and today we’re talking about the 1953 Sci-Fi classic It Came From Outer Space, starring Barbara Rush and Richard Carlson. I’m sorry to say it, but I really didn’t enjoy this movie very much. It is a combination of all the worst aspects of ’50s movies: it’s supremely cheesy, xenophobic, flimsy in plot, and just plain boring. It isn’t horrible, or even BAD, necessarily…but it definitely does not stand the test of time. I fell asleep at least twice while watching, and then had to rewind to be sure I hadn’t missed anything. Spoiler alert: I hadn’t. It might be fun to see with friends at the drive-in for a …

KelleyDay 10: It Came From Outer Space (1953)